Because Today, Green Is No Longer An Option

Flexa-Green™ is Flexaco's commitment to utilize sustainability efforts and recycling and biodegradable options where applicable. In today's society, being sustainable is becoming more than a buzzword-it's a deeply held consumer value, one that directly affects buying decisions. That's why choosing to package your products in materials that are beneficial, safe, and healthy for individuals allows you to evolve your brand while decreasing the carbon footprint left on the environment. In fact, to choose to reduce your carbon footprint on some level, allows your package to serve a greater purpose.

Made from renewable or recycled source materials, Flexaco's Flexa-Green™ options are physically designed to make the most of materials and energy. More and more consumers are seeking green packaging; in fact, the concept has such strong appeal, it is often the deciding factor in the choice of one product over another.

Because Flexaco is committed to finding the best and most innovative packaging solutions available, we offer sustainable and recyclable packaging designed to be valuable both now and for the future. With our solutions, your company can be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

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