Adhesive & Extrusion Laminations

Adhesive Lamination & Extrusion Lamination

As part of our mission to offer the greatest flexibility for our clients, Flexaco provides a comprehensive line of solventless adhesive and multi-layer extrusion laminations. For either lamination option, we are equipped with a wide range of widths and materials to provide cutting-edge solutions for your packaging challenges.

When it comes to adhesive laminations, finding just the right material in the right thickness for a particular application can be daunting. That's why Flexaco makes our adhesive laminations highly customizable, so they can be specifically suited to your needs. Similarly, our multi-layer extrusion laminations have capabilities to produce a variety of products to serve diverse markets and industries offering varying barrier properties in a single-ply application.

For food packaging, pet foods, candy, consumer products, health care, promotional/retail, or industrial markets, we have the specific knowledge and experience needed to help you determine what type of lamination you need based on the type of product you're packaging, the process by which you're doing the packaging, and the typical shelf life of the product.