Full-Body Shrink Sleeves & Multi-Packs

As a leading provider of packaging solutions, Flexaco provides high quality, innovative, specialized shrink sleeves and multi-pack shrink bands for a wide variety of clients and industries. Whether food, liquids, health products, or pet food items, our shrink wrap packaging solutions are customized to suit the products they package.

Because shrink sleeves use less packaging, they make sustainable solutions for your products. Some of the many benefits of shrink labels  include:

  • High Shelf impact.
  • High quality decoration.
  • Decoration of an unusual shape.
  • Suitable for all substrates - metal, glass and plastic, pet food items.
  • Reduced inventory costs.
  • Shorter runs and lead times.
  • Incorporate tamper evidence with decoration.
  • 360 degree, top-to-bottom decoration.

What's more, these packaging options are very flexible and are available in a wide variety of film formulations and constructions to meet various needs. We can customize our shrink sleeves and multi-pack bands in everything from color and material to perforations and coatings.

In addition, Flexaco provides the engineering needed to create multi-packs for any promotional, combined package or twin pack requirements. Utilizing a shrink band for multi-pack applications is extremely useful in accommodating awkward shapes and different sized articles.

At Flexaco, we regularly meet demanding and short lead times. This is a critical requirement for anyone's timeline; particularly for contract packing operations. We're committed to putting our knowledge and experience to work for your company, providing creative packaging solutions that represent your brand, maximize efficiency, and ensure successful product launches. Through our customized shrink sleeves and shrink labels, we can create packaging solutions that are just right for you.