Flexaco's stand-up pouches, offered in both non-zippered and zippered applications, provide an attractive packaging solution that will keep your products both fresh and secure. Fully customizable and very convenient, these pouches can be made with your choice of several different seal designs, reclosable zippers, and bottom or side gussets, depending on your products requirements.

We offer a full range of reclosable designs that include traditional zipper closures, slider zippers, adhesive closures and Velcro closures.  These closures are also available in a 360 Degree format, as well.  Through our versatile and innovative selections, you're able to pack all kinds of products, from powders to nuts, dog treats to candy, trail mix to pet food. What's more, your products will maintain shelf stability and freshness when paired up with an engineered structure that offers the oxygen and moisture barriers needed.

With Flexaco's extensive experience in the packaging industry, we're especially qualified to create high quality, innovative, customized solutions specific to your company and brand.