Flex-FiT (No-Heat Shrink)

At Flexaco, our team is committed to providing dependable and innovative packaging solutions at competitive costs. Our Flex-FiT Sleeves provide easy-to-apply, no-heat shrink sleeve labels that offer up to 40-50% savings over traditional shrink sleeves. Through state-of-the-art technology, backed by the Flexaco team's strong understanding of bottle design, application environment, and filling operation, the Flex-FiT Sleeve ensures the resulting finished stretch label meets your expectations for quality performance and graphics appeal.

The Flex-FiT Sleeve is a sustainable shrink sleeves for bottles solution - lower gram weight reduces energy costs, while elimination of glue reduces contamination. The Flex-FiT requires just one machine for a cost-effective, compact application that transforms our customers' bright ideas into brilliant labels.

The Flexaco process involves constant interaction with graphic artists, rigorous material and product testing as well as pre-production tests, on-site press checks, and close communication with our clients and customers to ensure quality results every time.