About Flexaco

Flexible Packaging Supplier | Plastic Packaging Company

Flexaco is a woman-owned enterprise that is a complete flexible packaging supplier, offering flexible packaging solutions and support for clients in the food, beverage, household products, and industrial industries. More than just a packaging provider, we're a single source for comprehensive service, managing the entire production process from beginning to end and providing expert design skills along the way.

Committed to strong customer relationships, Flexaco utilizes a simplified approach that allows us to focus on each individual client's packaging needs. We're perfectly sized to give our clients the best mix of quality, price, and personal customer service - available with technical support 24/7. What's more, as a stable and reliable packaging resource, Flexaco offers a strong industry reputation, backed by a long track record of success in helping clients achieve better results through flexible packaging.

With Flexaco, we're as flexible as our packaging! Our minimum effort is the competition's maximum effort -in other words, when it comes to packaging, we do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

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