Stretch Sleeve Labels

With Flexaco's innovative, high quality stretch sleeve labels, you have ready-made labels that are easy to apply to your products. Designed with very versatile and economical packaging, our stretch sleeves contain a proprietary blend to allow elasticity, totally eliminating the need for adhesives.

What's more, stretch sleeves offer a variety of other key benefits, such as easy adaptability, strong resistance to light and temperature, and great flexibility. Not only can they be designed to incorporate up to 10 colors, but also they feature great promotional possibilities, such as backside printing for coupon promotions. Stretch sleeves offer a tremendous 360-degree "billboard" affect around your container to allow for not only your product information, but cross-sell information, as well.

No matter what your industry - from food services to industrial products -Flexaco can use our extensive knowledge and experience to customize a creative stretch sleeve solution for you. Through our extensive experience with this application, we'll cater to your specific product needs, giving you the best option for marketing your product and distinguishing your company name.