Sarah Fiedler

Customer Service Specialist

630-529-4510 Email

Not too much rattles Sarah.  In fact, being a mom of some very curious and energetic boys, makes working as a customer service specialist a piece of cake!!  Her attention to detail and ability to make our customers feel well taken care of are her biggest strengths.  Yes - she does share a last name with many of us here at Flexaco, but don't hold that against her.  Her patience with us has made her a critical part of our Flexaco Team! 

Brad Fiedler

VP of Sales

(630) 529-4510 Email

There's no mistaking when Brad walks into a room for an appointment!  His massive frame, which was quite handy as an Offensive Right Guard for Division III NCAA Football, now acts as a "guard" for his clients when looking out for their best interests in flexible packaging.  Brad's ability to listen to his clients' needs, film engineering, attention to detail and offering winning solutions are his greatest strengths!  Continuing to build onto his 10+ years of experience in flexible packaging has made Brad a big part of the Flexaco Team!  Brad is third generation in the business and is proud to carry on the family tradition of taking care of partners while offering Proudly Made in the USA flexible packaging! 

Anna Paladino

Customer Service Specialist

(630) 529-4510 Email

Anna's previous experience before coming to Flexaco had her working in a police dispatch unit - so once we got her used to talking in a phone rather than shouting in a walkie-talkie, we were good! Actually, Anna's experience with working with many different "types" of personalities is what makes her such a great asset to Flexaco. Anna always makes sure that she always gives the customer more than they expect!

Donna Fiedler

President and Chief Operating Officer

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Donna is the founder and President of Flexaco, Inc. She started in the crazy business of flexible packaging when she was very young and didn't know any better! She has 40+ years experience in the flexible packaging industry (even though she insists that she's not a day over 29!). Donna provides the direct oversight and management of all aspects of Flexaco's business operations.

Bill Fiedler

Vice President and Chief Packaging Officer

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Bill has a checkered past! Well - maybe more in the form of an "extensive" past as far as flexographic expertise goes. Bill has run nearly every kind of flexographic converting equipment there is, experienced nearly every type of film used in flexible packaging via his quality control experience and his 40+ years in flexible packaging, and is married to the President!! (Not sure what that last part means as far as flexible packaging, but it can't hurt!) Bill's strengths are in defining business methodologies for the purposes of developing best-practices and fitting the customer with the best overall fit in packaging and equipment performance.