What's it all a 'Spout

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Wed, 2012-05-23 12:01

Spouted Pouches.  What a funky little pouch a spouted pouch is?  I mean - who ever thought that products like shampoo, carpet cleaner, decorative frosting, and even motor oil would be sold in spouted pouches?  But they are!!  And the spouted pouch world has been exploding with opportunity and innovative ideas for products moving from a traditional rigid or tubed container to a highly sustainable option like a spouted pouch.

What drives this packaging choice?  Let me count the ways:

                1.  Lighter - Less Plastic - Less Energy

Let's use the world of motor oil as an example  for this blog.  Did you know that over 3 Billion High Density Polyehtylene bottles end up in landfills over just a one year time frame?  Not to mention that the oil residue left behind in the bottles in an environmental hazard.  It's a real problem!  However, by switching out of a 1 quart bottle into a 1 quart spouted pouch, you use a fraction of the plastic used in the plastic bottle - in fact - 22# less of plastic for each bottle - AND for each spouted pouch used - you save 220 bottles from going into the landfill.  It also takes a fraction of the energy needed to make a spouted pouch vs. the amount of energy it takes to create a plastic bottle.

                2.  Eliminates Waste

Because of the collapsible nature of a spouted pouch, you get a nice, steady pour.  No hiccupping or splashing of product that you normally see when you pour from a bottle.  A spouted pouch doesn't require the air to rush in like a traditional bottle does.  So when handling products like  motor oil, or  cleaning products, etc., you can pour without ruining your clothes.  In addition, you can put the spout of the pouch right next to the area in which you are trying to pour or squeeze out the contents rather than having  to "aim" from a traditional rigid container that can't get you close to the intended target.

One more thing - the pouch collapses so nicely when emptying out that as a consumer you can squeeze out every last drop - just like a ketchup packet - so that you can the entire amount out that you paid for!!  What a novel idea, right?!?

                3.  Ships more Efficiently

Because a flexible pouch is lighter in weight than a rigid container, it weighs far less to ship and is more compact when configuring a pallet/box set-up. That translates into more efficient pallet set-ups, and more efficient use of truckloads - aka - less fuel to ship.  WOW!!

So why haven't you considered moving your product over to a spouted pouch or even a stand-up pouch?  Need some help in figuring that out?  We can provide that!!  Call Flexaco today and ask for either Bill, Matt or Brad - and they can help you engineer what you're looking for and get you started on a new and innovative way to package your product!!  630-529-4510