Velcro is not for just your gym shoes anymore!

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Tue, 2013-08-06 17:13

No doubt either you or your kids have had a pair of shoes with a Velcro closure on it.  So much easier than tying your shoes!!  Well Velcro thought that same "use of ease" would be helpful in flexible packaging applications.  After all, the flexible packaging industry is the second largest packaging segment in the U.S., with about $25.4 billion in U.S. sales in 2011, according to the Flexible Packaging Association.

Chris Lerra, business development manager for Velcro Americas, told PlasticsToday the company determined there was opportunity in flexible packaging.

"Think of all categories such as the pet food market, the snack food market, laundry detergent - they are moving to flexible packaging - it's an incredible opportunity for reclosable fasteners," he said. "As a fastener solutions company with a tradition built around it, this became a natural fit for us."

Still, Lerra said they didn't want to jump into the market unless they could bring something unique and of value that the industry didn't currently have with the zipper technology. The company believes the PRESS-LOK closure technology is just that. 

In 2010, Velcro introduced its PRESS-LOK closure, a proprietary hook-to-hook technology. The closure is a unique solution in the industry because it contains what the company calls an easy alignment that allows the hooks to engage without precise line-up, securing closure with great burst strength to maintain the package integrity. The PRESS-LOK closure has an audible click, allowing consumers to hear their packages open and close, ensuring a tight seal.

 Unique qualities to the Velcro system are:

-  The Velcro system simplifies the open and reseal process, particularly for those consumers who have less mobility.

-  Size of closure is easily adjustable and can be tailored to specific applications.

-  No alignment problems when reclosing the packaging, as sometimes seen with traditional zipper closures

-  Full functionality even if the Velcro system is contaminated after opening, unlike existing closure systems where the rail track can be obstructed.

-  Perfect type of closure for little hands, mature hands or parents-on-the-run hands!

-  Adding a Velcro closure also eliminates the need to transfer contents into a separate container, keeping marketing messages in front of the consumer through the last use.

Recently, Velcro announced that it worked with Hill's Pet Nutrition to integrate the PRESS-LOK closure technology into its pet food packaging.

"There are many tangible consumer benefits that the PRESS-LOK closure system provides to our Hill's Science Diet packaging," said Christopher Rector, director of marketing of Hill's. "The PRESS-LOK application provides a fast, effective and stress-free bag closure solution. PRESS-LOK closure opens and closes easily and quickly, keeping the kibble in and the paws out."

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