Standing Out in a crowd with a Stand Up Pouch

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2012-01-06 14:57

 The marketplace is full of competitors, the store shelves are lined with choices. How, then, do you stand out from the "crowed" and distinguish your product from all the others?

With high-quality packaging from Flexaco, that's how! Packaging of such effectiveness and convenience that consumers come to identify its quality with your brand. Stand up pouches are that packaging.  Custom printed stand up pouches  are built by laminating together multiple layers of functional packaging film, designed to offer the best barrier properties available for your product's requirements. 

The unique design of a stand-up pouch yields a stable base and durable, puncture-resistant sides for a package that protects the contents from vapor, odor and moisture. Available zip lock closures lock in freshness, flavor and aroma, thereby prolonging shelf life. As a bonus, easy open tear notches can also be ordered. And the bags stand up perfectly in the kitchen cupboard or on the counter at home.

Stand up pouches stand out from the competition because they stand up on the shelf. Also available with optional hang holes (either round or sombrero-style), your brand will provide retailers with more than one display choice.

Speaking of display options, nothing displays your brand better than stand up pouches. The bag construction results in wide front and back panels for branding your brand. The ample space provided enables you to speak to your brand and offer any cross-sell information.   Up to 10 colors can be custom printed directly on the the pouch in 180-line screen flexographic print.  The stand up pouch has become the number one choice of consumers for user friendliness and storage convenience.  Stand up pouches are also high sustainable when comparing to a rigid container or a dual-packed option such as a bag in box.  You need only one package to fill your product with and communicate your brand in an innovative, convenient and sustainable method!  Call Flexaco today to find out how we can help fit you into a stand up pouch!