Shipping Out: How Flexible Plastic Creates Cost-Efficient Delivery Solutions

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on

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Flexible packaging solutions are helping companies deliver more products for less money than ever before. Here's what you may want to know. 

It Only Takes a Little Bit of Flexible Plastic to Deliver a Lot of Product. 
One of the main reasons that flexible packaging solutions are able to help companies deliver more product for less money is because it requires just a little bit of flexible plastic to deliver a ton of product. Studies show that it only takes about 1.5 pounds of flexible plastic to deliver a staggering 10 gallons of a liquid or beverage. Another study found that just two pounds of plastic can actually deliver 1,300 ounces -- roughly about 10 gallons -- of a beverage such as soda, juice, or water as well.

Other Solutions Simply Cannot Match Up With Flexible Packaging.
The alternatives simply cannot match up with what flexible packaging has to offer. In the study that found two pounds of plastic could deliver roughly 10 gallons of soda, juice, or water, it was also found that it'd take three pounds of aluminum to deliver the same amount of product. That's 150% of what it'd take flexible plastic to deliver. What's more, it would require 26 entire truckloads and one truckload to respectively transport equal amounts of glass jars and flexible plastic packaging. In other words, a company could use flexible packaging to help deliver a product that would otherwise require a whole fleet of trucks to ship. 

It's thanks to such great flexible packaging products, such as shrink sleeve labels and flexible pouches, that companies are able to ship products more cost-efficiently than ever before. If you have any questions about how products like shrink sleeve labels can help your company find a more cost-efficient solution, feel free to share in the comments.