It Is Time to Give Thanks!

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Tue, 2012-11-20 11:58

I love Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is a holiday that continues to be squeezed out by the retail stores and the advertising agencies trying to get consumer's attention to focus earlier and earlier on Christmas and the holiday season.  But Thanksgiving cannot be squelched!  Because for all the early "black Friday" specials taking place, and for all the noise out there about sales on televisions and video games and jewelry - the simple pleasure of getting together with family and friends and sharing a big meal together and enjoying each other's company cannot compare!   

I have wonderful memories as a kid of Thanksgiving!  And I've tried to continue those traditions with our own family and in hopes of keeping those "memories" alive.  The smells that fill the house, the preparing days ahead of time, setting the table, watching the parades and football!!  And one of the best parts of Thanksgiving - the turkey sandwiches the next day - Mmmmm!!

The bigger part of the day is really remembering to be "thankful".  We have much to be "thankful" for.  Being in flexible packaging, this last recession has been a tough one.  Typically in the industry that we're in, we've been fortunate to have not seen a lot of hiccups.  This past recession has been very different.  Yet here we are - we're still standing and are experiencing growth and trusted long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers.  We are not only thankful for all of that - we are grateful.  

So gather around your family and friends on Thursday - take stock of all there is to be thankful for.  When you start to list them - I'm sure you'll come up with quite a list.   We tend to take for granted those things that we cannot buy:  our health, our family, our friends

Eat some good food, watch a parade, watch some football and most imporantly, be thankful!  Because starting Friday - the race for the holiday finish line begins ...... AHHHHHH!!!!!