How Pouch Packaging is Protecting the Environment

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Mon, 2015-11-16 10:36

pouch packaging

As temperatures have continued to rise and the impact people have on the environment has become more apparent, there has been a much larger focus on eco-friendly living. While there are numerous environmentally-conscious lifestyle changes that can help, such as driving electric cars, using public transit, or reducing a home's energy consumption, one factor that people may overlook is food packaging.

Recycling in and of itself is already a widespread effort to reduce our environmental impact. Even though it is an important habit to get into, a bigger focus on preventing the high uses of recyclable materials before the food is even exchanged can make a substantial difference. Flexible packaging material suppliers have developed food encasing that requires far less plastic but still offers the same reliability of sturdier plastics.

For example, even the average modern milk jug uses far less plastic, weighing up to 30% less, than jugs from 20 years ago. To take things to the next level, flexible products such as pouch packaging can safely contain liquids while using even less plastic.

Just two pounds of plastic packaging products can deliver up to 1,300 ounces, or about 10 gallons, of beverages, including juice, soda, or water. It would require around three pounds of aluminum to transfer the same amount of liquid as pouch packaging. To transport equal amounts of product with both glass jars and flexible plastics, you would need 26 truckloads in comparison to just one truckload respectively.

Besides just the ability to create packaging using fewer raw materials and natural resources, flexible plastics can reduce the need for more trucks and delivery channels to use fossil fuels and release greenhouse gases during transportation. The impact can be even stronger if people make a point to recycle these leftover plastics.

Regardless of which products are being transported, there is customized and pouch packaging to keep them safe and secure.