The Growth of Flexible Packaging

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Thu, 2012-10-25 15:13

We do talk a lot about flexible packaging on our blog because that's what we do - flexible packaging!  But did you know how popular flexible packaging really is?  To start, the largest packaging show in the world is coming to Chicago this Sunday.  Pack Expo.  If you've ever been to McCormick Place in Chicago, then you would know that McCormick Place is enormous!!  It spans over hundreds of thousands of square feet, over several buildings and across the street covering several city blocks!  In the infamous words of Donald Trump, "It's HUGE"!!  The Pack Expo takes up the ENTIRE McCormick Place - every single square inch!  You need days to make it through the entire show - and very comfortable shoes!!

If you're in the packaging business, you literally run into so many people you know from either your current life or previous lives - it really can be alot of fun!  Plus, the equipment, the processes, the varying forms of packaging - it's simply a one-stop-shop for those folks looking for any and all of those elements.

Why has flexible packaging become so popular?  Well - lucky for you - I happen to know a bit about flexible packaging and I'm going to list just a few reasons:

Key Flexible Packaging Benefits

  • Easy open, re-close options
  • Sustainability
  • Shaped packaging
  • Solventless adhesives
  • Reduced manufacturing energy footprint
  • Reduced cost and complexity for end user

PLUS, it's typically highly cost effective when comparing to rigid containers, etc.

If you are thinking about moving into flexible packaging, give Flexaco a call - 630-529-4510.  We can definitely help you find the right fit for your product requirements.