Flexible Packaging Simplified!

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Thu, 2012-02-16 11:28

Just the term "flexible packaging" makes people look at you like they were a deer in the headlights!  And for those folks that do purchase flexible packaging, the thought of looking into a new supplier or understanding all the technicalities involved with flexible packaging gives them a headache!!  Flexaco stands apart from other flexible packaging companies because we really do make the process of flexible packaging very simple.  We are a total flexible packaging development resource - offering a wide variety of new and innovative packaging options, assistance through the design process, and strategic guidance on creating the best flexible packaging solutions for your application.

Really!  We do make it simple!  We're different and we'll prove it!  Give us a call for a free consultation to go over what your needs may be.  Flexaco is committed to strong customer relationships, utilizing a simplified approach that allows us to focus on each individual client's packaging needs.  We're perfectly sized to give our clients the best mix of quality, price and personal customer service, as well as technical support 24/7.

Whether you're looking for rollstock, pouches, zippered bags, shrink sleeves or high barrier films - Flexaco can simplify your packaging world!