Expanding Flexographic Printing Horizons

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2011-09-08 11:53

As far as brand owners and the flexographic printers that work with them are concerned, color is a measurable reality and the most critical component in determining print quality.  Shelf appeal and consistent brand recognition are key attributes when producing and reproducing designs.

Flexaco utilizies technology that can offer consistency in print quality and efficiently printing those designs at affordable prices.  That technology is referred to as "Extended Color Printing" or "Expanded Gamut".

Expanded gamut printing enables the printer a wider range of colors by adding custom inks to the standard CMYK.  Nearly 90 percent of Pantone colors can be simulated with the use of expanded gamut printing vs. the 60 percent simulation that occurs when working with CMYK alone.  In addition, the special value it brings to both printers and customers via the prepress work and ultimately the total number of colors used in the press offers a color-critical solution to high-impact graphics at affordable prices.  This type of technology is particularly well-suited to high-end printing applications because the small dots help to accurately render detailed images of skin tones, fabric, complex images and the like.

There are many benefits to using expanded gamut, starting from the package design level.  For the flexographic converter, advantages include less color correction on press; consistent, predictable color that exhibits customer-pleasing sharpness, detail, contrast and brightness.  Efficiencies garnered by the use of a single ink set, including time saving and faster make ready further bolstered by increased press uptime and reduced downtime, translate into shorter time to market and cost savings realized by the customer.

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