Eco-Friendly Packaging: Why You Should Make the Switch

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on

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These days, more and more companies are making the switch to eco-friendly packaging solutions. As the world becomes more and more aware of new methods to reduce their environmental impact, there's an increasing amount of pressure felt by businesses to conform to these new standards. But what steps can a business take to become more environmentally friendly? For many, the first step is changing their packaging. Here are a few benefits that a business can realize from switching their traditional packaging to a more eco-friendly option.

It Influences Consumers
Customers are getting into the "green" movement in a big way. A recent 2011 study found that 94% of Americans have access to plastic bottle recycling, while an additional 40% can recycle other types of plastic containers, such as yogurt cups, dairy tubs, and lids. As consumers continue to adopt eco-friendly practices, they look for companies to do the same. The switch to eco-friendly container packaging will likely improve your brand image. Consumers recognize when businesses put effort into reducing their impact on the environment. By switching to flexible packaging products, your business can see an increase of sales as customers recognize your efforts.

It's More Efficient
Companies looking to take a more eco-friendly approach to their business may overlook changing their industrial packaging design for fear of the costs associated with the change. However, businesses may be surprised to find out that eco-friendly packaging can actually save them money. Eco-friendly packaging aims to reduce the amount of material used, cutting the cost of product transportation down significantly. Products in glass jars can take up to 26 truckloads. For the same amount of product in a flexible custom plastic packaging, you'll only need one truck. In fact, just two pounds of plastic can deliver 1,300 ounces, or roughly 10 gallons, of a beverage. You'd need three pounds of aluminum to bring home the same amount of product. Eco-friendly packaging can help your company by reducing the costs it takes to package and transport your products.

It's Easy to Dispose
Along with an increase in brand awareness, and a decrease in production cost, eco-friendly, flexible packaging can be easily disposed. There is no need for complicated recycling programs. Eco-friendly flexible packaging can be either recyclable, or compostable. Your packaging is less likely to end up in a dump, and can be used again and again.