A Dream for a Choco-holic!!

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Thu, 2012-07-19 16:05

FINALLY!!  Myself along with thousands of other choco-holics have been vindicated!!!  More and more chocolate is being found to be good for you AND, in the case of a European Regulator, should be considered a HEALTH FOOD!!  Can you believe it?  This is the best news I've heard since they put chocolate syrup in a squeeze bottle!!!  Now I know you can't "over-indulge" and the chocolate all the "people in-the-know" are referring to is dark chocolate.  That's OK - I won't complain about that! 

I know this is a blog for the flexible packaging we provide (which definitely includes packaging for chocolate products).  However, I feel the need to shout this news from the tops of the  mountains!!

At a level of 10 grams per day of dark chocolate, you can improve blood circulation, have improved heart and metabolic health and even get sunscreen qualities from ingesting it!!!  The best part about chocolate is the overall sense of well-being you feel when you simply enjoy the rich, velvety taste of an amazing piece of chocolate and the feeling of zen that comes over you once you've finished it (can you tell I'm a woman who is peri-menapausal!?!).  It's simply a perfect food!!!

I'm guessing that women are the largest percentage of choco-holics.  Why?  Because our bodies go through these monthly roller-coaster rides that cause all kinds of fun and interesting side affects - but one is the overall need for chocolate!  I'm not kidding!  It's the weirdest thing.  And then, once your body has somewhat equalized itself, the crazy cravings go away and you can concentrate again.  Speak in full sentences.  And overall fit in with the rest of the adult population without feeling this overwhelming need to take somebody out!  But when it does become overwhelming - I can take a little more solace and a lot less guilt in reaching for that piece (or two) of chocolate.  Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Chocolate Inventor - you are my hero!!!!!