Brands that Stand Out!

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Wed, 2013-02-13 15:50

Did you know that your brand has seconds to get noticed by the passing-by consumer as they walk by the shelf?  And unless they are already looking for that tried and trusted brand, how do you get noticed? 

Well - you can hire a really expensive marketing firm that also works with a really expensive graphic arts firm and, after coming up with a brand design you like, you now have to get that to come to life via the printing process.  Should be easy from here, right?  Not quite - that art now has to be separated and distorted to meet the flexographic needs of the printer and a few more revisions and/or changes will most likely be needed and then you'll have those charges ..... exhausting!

OR - You can simply use an experienced flexible packaging firm with a team of talented brand development folks who can guide your brand from conception to the final produced product.  And all of this can be done in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.  How you ask?  By using Flexaco!  Flexible Packaging - Simplified!

We can work with you in creating a new brand or extending an existing line of products with the ultimate objective of meeting your brand strategy goals.  We create press-accurate designs in the form of prototypes and, once approved, go straight to pre-press and increase speed to market using systematic research methods and proven strategies for optimum brand performance - in other words - we know what we're doing!

Flexaco draws on it's 30+ years experience in the flexible packaging field to guide your packaging projects from concept to reality.  Our team includes designers, packaging engineers, printers and separations specialists - all working together to meet your goals and all within budget and beating your timeline!

Separating yourself from your competition when you are in front of a buyer is no better illustrated then when you walk in with ready-to-use prototypes vs. a typical sell sheet.  Show off your new products BEFORE they go to production - a great concept!!

Give us a call today!  630-529-4510  Let Flexaco help you to "dazzle" your clients and/or prospects!                               Flexible Packaging Prototypes