Being a Trendsetter!

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Wed, 2013-04-24 16:33

Flexible packaging is not your grandfather's packaging anymore!  The last ten years has offered such amazing technological advances in both processes and film substrate engineering that flexible packaging is almost unrecognizable.   So what's changed?  Why has this type of packaging grown in leaps and bounds over conventional types of packaging such as rigid containers, glass or cans?  Well - several reasons:

  - Convenience of use

  - Portability of a pouch or bag

  - The most cost-efficient form of food packaging (best balance of barrier options, durability and branding opportunities)

  - Less environmental impact in terms of:  logistics, including transportation, package weight and warehousing

  - Less energy is needed to produce flexible packaging than any other type of packaging.

  - Reduced weight in the packaging allows for more efficient transport, both filled and unfilled                                                                                                                                                          

  - The consumer experience is typically enhanced when moving from a rigid container to flexible packaging.

  - An unbreakable package - particularly beneficial to those households with children or seniors who might have a hard time handling the rigid container option.

The benefits go on and on!!  

When is the last time you went down the baby food aisle in a grocery store?  It is filled with varying types of pouches vs. the glass jars that most of us grew up on.  These pouches offer Mom and Dad the ability to have food on the go while maintaining the food's integrity and even allowing for Mom and Dad to feed the child straight from the pouch via the spout - GENIUS!!

Maybe you should be rethinking your packaging?  Will the savings of how it will affect your entire supply chain outweigh the cost of changing filling equipment?  The answer might surprise you - walk down today's grocery store aisles.  I'd say the answer is right before your eyes!