3 Reasons to Use Flexible Packaging

Submitted by Donna Fiedler on Thu, 2015-11-05 12:07

sustainable packaging

In America alone, the plastics industry is huge: they employ over one million people and contribute an average of $375 billion to the economy. Now, the flexible packaging market is also expanding, and has grown at a rate of 3.4% for the last five years. Now standing at a $248 billion industry, it is making its mark in many ways, by showing off the numerous benefits of their products. Read on for just a few of the ways flexible packaging solutions can benefit your company!

Product Integrity
For beverage packaging and custom food packaging, flexible packaging is perfect. It provides a great exterior, keeping your product looking professional, while also helping keep your product intact. It's a great compromise on product style and integrity that your consumers will surely notice. It's also a great way to keep products intact as they ship to stores and homes.

Consumer Experience
Your consumers will appreciate the thought you put into your product. Some products are even better for consumers when sold in flexible packaging, since it may provide for easier access to the product, like in juice pouches or snack bags. Providing a better consumer experience will allow you to gain new consumers and bring old ones back, thus helping your bottom line as a business and promoting your brand!

This is true in two ways: plastic used and transportation of goods. For one thing, flexible packaging uses less plastic than the average containers for a product. This means it is much more sustainable packaging. In addition, this sustainable packaging takes less trips and/or vehicles to transport it. In fact, the same amount glass jars and flexible plastic packaging would take 26 truckloads and one truckload respectively.

Will you be getting in touch with any plastic packaging companies? How will this impact your business? We would love to hear your thoughts!