Food Packaging

Custom Food Packaging Design

Flexaco is your complete custom food packaging design resource, offering a wide variety of materials, services, and solutions to keep your products fresh and secure. Our custom food packaging is available in virtually every shape and size, specifically designed to maintain your product's integrity.

As experts in custom food packaging, we are committed to protecting and preserving your products in a way that's attractive, efficient, and consistent. We provide structure engineering that matches your shelf-life requirements with the right kind of film structure.  We can engineer structures for those high-barrier products such as cheese and meat, as well as refrigerated fresh products.   We also understand all the factors that go into building your brand, so we can set your product apart through tools like innovative graphic design, easy-to-open packaging, and sustainable packaging. What's more, we offer a wide variety of innovative bag designs such as various stand-up pouch options, which are designed to distinguish your product even further.

Through our extensive experience and skill in food packaging design, Flexaco provides high quality solutions that are catered to your particular application, whether snack foods, baked goods, nuts, fruits, dry goods, or frozen foods. Based on your specific needs, we'll design custom solutions that mean success - with reliable package consistency, high-impact visual appeal, and enhanced shelf life.

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